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Tuesday 4 July 2017

Cleethorpes Town (Away)


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6 May 2017

Town 1 Plymouth Argyle 1

We do Pompey proud

Report: This one's for now

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Previously: Barnet (A)

Report: We've come to spoil our party

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If you don't fackin' like it, don't fackin' come.


In Thursday's diary: a striker shortage; and goalkeepers on trial

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Make 'em wait: Town's season ticket policy

Town's season tickets went on sale later than any other club in the fourth flight. Why is that, and does it matter?

Good night, sweet Hurst

Six months on from his departure, we are now ready to appraise Paul Hurst on his merits. Ron Counte reflects

The night the crowd changed ends

A 5-2 win should stick in the mind, and it does. But not because of the goals. Ron Counte remembers a strange night at Spotland

What if... Laws and Bonetti were friends

You'll find it hard to believe, but Brian Laws and Ivano Bonetti once nearly fell out. Ron Counte tells all

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The disastrous impact of broadcasting; a one-person fancy dress day; a York goalkeeper; Town's managerial roundabout; Wayne day


Get yer sen a pint in and a bag of pork scratchings too and settle down for the first Cod Almighty quiz since God was a lad

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The late Clarrie Williams featured prominently in Neville Butt's retrospective on Town keepers of the 1950s


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