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Tuesday 27 October 2020

Forest Green Rovers (Away)

Division 4

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24 October 2020

Town 1 Carlisle United 1

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Report: Weepers keepers

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Report: The ballad of sporty Muldoon

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Town lost the first all ticket match at Blundell Park to Hull City on January 29, 1949.


In Friday's weekend diary: TV takes a break from killing football to help save it; iFollow facts and figures; Carlisle visit

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Two ways to draw at Bolton

Town's game at Bolton brought back memories for Rich Lord. Two very different games, but the same result, and the same away team manager

Harry Betmead: from centre half to centre back

In the 1930s, Grimsby's Harry Betmead was one of the best players in his position in England. But, asks Gordon Wilson, was he a midfielder or defender

Following iFollow

Your tips on watching a game using iFollow

A right of reply

The EFL Trophy, communications, the club board, season tickets... Dave Roberts of the Mariners Trust responds to recent discussion points

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A bumper postbag on away days, Holloway, refs, drinking, gambling and everyone's favourite non-non-non chairman


What do you know of 1979-80? Rob McIlveen, author of Champions!, the great new book on the season tests your knowledge

From the archive

The links between Aberystwyth (and a few other places) and Cleethorpes explored in this archive article from Pat Bell


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