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Saturday 24 April 2021

Oldham Athletic (Away)

Division 4

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last match

20 April 2021

Town 0 Morecambe 3

"Let's sing another song, boys. This one has grown old and bitter"

Report: I can hear the grass grow

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Previously: Bolton Wanderers (H)

Report: Breathless

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In Wednesday's BOTB Diary: relegation; general sadness; tosshats; nostalgia; more about male facial hair than I originally intended

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The greed killing the game: the Thundercliffe Files

The "elite" can play on Mars for all we care. Let us get back to the game we love

Paved with good intentions: the world according to Baz

Despite the rejoicing, 1878 Partners and B Corporation status are no substitute for community ownership

The death of the Fenty era

The only surprise is so many accepted it for so long: Jack Sargent spells out the 20-year long misery of supporting Fenty's Grimsby Town

Writing on the wall: the Thundercliffe files

iFollowed out, Paul has reached the acceptance stage on this season. Perhaps we need to go one step back to take two steps forward

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Shock as Town fans embrace debate revealing Baz has proponents.


What do you know of 1979-80? Rob McIlveen, author of Champions!, the great new book on the season tests your knowledge

From the archive

A team wrecked by the boardroom and a bad manager? Sounds familiar, but this was 1987, and in the end good things came from the wreckage


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