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Monday 1 June 2020

Newport County (Away)

Division 4

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last match

7 March 2020

Scunthorpe United 0 Town 2

There are worse last game to have showing for weeks, we guess

Report: Chips with everything

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Previously: Plymouth Argyle (A)

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Terry Darracott resigned as assistant manager to Mike Lyons because he refused to wear a wig on the coach whenever it travelled through Derbyshire.


In Thursday's diary: It is not the March we would have wanted, but we have the memories of Marches past to fall back on

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The Thundercliffe Files: Jollification

Michael Jolley's Town career summarised, to a soundtrack by the Lightning Seeds

The Thundercliffe Files: how to fill the Townhole

Suddenly we all have a Townhole, but there are ways to fill it

The Thundercliffe Files: Marching season

This end of season may be a dress rehearsal for next year, but promotion and a strong March go together hand in hand.

The Thundercliffe Files: kicking off

How effective is the 1pm kick-off for managing crowd behaviour?

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A bumper postbag on away days, Holloway, refs, drinking, gambling and everyone's favourite non-non-non chairman


Joe Waters' planned visit to Blundell Park next month has been scuppered so here's a quick quiz to ease the disappointment

From the archive

From Pat Glover to John Oster, Wales has provided many of Town's greatest ever players. Pat Bell picks a Welsh Mariners XI to prove it


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