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17 May 2015

Town 1 Bristol Rovers 1

Still non-League, still Grimsby, still crap at penalties, still counting down the days 'til season tickets go on sale

Report: What's another year?

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Previously: Eastleigh (H)

Report: Unfinished business

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Grimsby Town did not sign Kevin Keegan because he was too small.


In Wednesday's diary: May advent; we now have five players; and FIFA is bad

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Town on the box: El Final

While 13,000 of us were chanting "FISH!", Rufus Murphy was on holiday in Andalucia... but did he manage to escape the play-off final?

See Tickets and die

Poor ticket sales for the play-off final may reflect fans' exploitation as a cash cow, says Mark Dillerstone, and it can't go on

Grimsby Town's greatest ever right back

You think you know who is Town's best ever right back? Think again, says Rob Mcilveen

Paradise? Let's keep us shape

GTFC manager Paul Hurst has responded with caution to the saving of the Earth and end of human suffering

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Commiserations, reflections and memories from our play-off final defeat


Our latest quiz tempers your pre-season optimism with a look back at first games of seasons past

From the archive

A 2004 Paul Thundercliffe interview with the late Peter Furneaux, then GTFC chairman


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