Match stats: Grimsby v Chesterfield

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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Division 4

Grimsby Town 2 Wright (28), Akpa Akpro (57)

Chesterfield 2 Lester (65, 75)

Attendance: 5648

Sponsors' man of the match: Who knows?

Quiet introspection ruled and the sponsors were still crying over the spilt milk by the time the ground cleared.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Rob Atkinson

Apart from Tommy Wrong, who was merely on the pitch in the second half, everyone was shades of excellent, mostly. Widdowson was back to what he was this time last year -€“ a revving, switched on tacklemachine -€“ while Bore carried on with his metamorphosis from a frog into a prince. The centre of midfield was firm and fruity enough with seasoned and salty opponents, while our wings were never clipped. Ak-Ak frightened the tourists but, apart from one misjudgement, Robert Atkinson was magnificent against the best player in the division. What part of his body didn't he use to block and shock? One slip is all it took, for nobody is perfect.

Our gaffer says

"It was disappointing to be 2-0 up and not the win the game, but the display was terrific."

Their gaffer says

"We could definitely have won the game but we could have lost it as well. It was a good match, attacking-wise; both teams did really well. We deserved something out of the game."


How many times do we have to keep saying the same thing about Lesterfield? They should be promoted, for they were the equal of anyone seen at Blundell Park this season. They contributed fully to a cracking game full of competence. They did well to match Town. With two practical brutes at centre-back and a shaven-headed wedge of snarling poise in the centre of midfield, they had solidity and organisation, which is enough to survive. Ah, the frills and thrills. Two sexy swinging wingers and Jack Lester is all they needed. His first dance partner was useless, but Gritton, yes, Gritton released the inner Jack and that was that. It's all about Lester for Lesterfield. If only we'd let Barry Fucking Conlon play, we'd have won. We didn't let the right one in.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

If you build up their hopes, they will come. You could feel the resigned acceptance in the air, but that was a reflection of past sins rather than present virtues. There is only disappointment at outcomes, not anger at the players.

Official warning

Mr K Wright (Cambs)
Veered between the puritan zealotry in his abhorrence of human contact, and the free love of anarchy. He seemed determined to avoid giving penalties or sending someone off, which was lucky for Deathly Danny B and his hoe. He could have given Town a penalty, but he could have given them five. He may well have been correct in all of them, especially that one where Peter Bore lent a hand to clear. His favourite dance is the charleston, and he adores pinot noir. Feeling kinda seasick, there is only 5.586 left on the pot.

Accentuate the positive

Half of sixpence is better than half of nothing.


Town: Colgan; Bore, Atkinson, Lancashire, Widdowson; Coulson, Sinclair, Hudson, Devitt; Akpa Akpro, Wright (Peacock 76)

Subs not used: Forbes, Hegarty, Leary, Linwood, Proudlock, Stirling

Booked: Hudson

Chesterfield: Lee, Whing, Goodall, Page, Breckin, Niven (Boshell 60), Demontagnac, Allott, Lester, Boden (Gritton 60), Bowery

Subs not used: Austin, Crossley, Hall, Picken, Rundle

Booked: Allott, Boshell, Lester, Page, Whing