Match stats: Hereford United v Grimsby

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Saturday 10 April 2010

Division 4

Hereford United 0

Grimsby Town 1 Devitt (18)

Attendance: 2143

Cod Almighty man of the match: Mark Hudson

There were no duffers today. Ak-Ak pipe cleaned, Sinclair scrumped the local apples and Lankyshire was without blemish. But who put Town's ram in the ram-a-lang-a-ding-dong? Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, he was neat and tidy, unobtrusive yet highly effective: Mark Hudson. I bet he's a Dapper Dan man.

Our gaffer says

"They've given everything they've got and I think they deserved to win the game. Obviously it is a bitter blow that we haven't closed the gap, but the other way of looking at it is the gap would have been bigger if we hadn't won."

Their gaffer says

"I think you have to pay tribute to Grimsby. For a team positioned second-bottom of the table, I thought they came well-organised."


Hereford were ponderous and plain: no-one would ask this lot for the last dance. Whereas Town could have scored more, Hereford could have scored less than zero. All they did was whack the football occasionally towards their big blokes who chased after it. And when they caught it up, they caught it. Having stepped up from the dressing room at 3 there was a sense of bewilderment and terror in the life of Richard Rose: Ak-Ak and Tommy Wrong walked past him on his mild side. Rose has lovely hair though; so Sebastian Flyte, he was even carrying a teddy bear. Their keeper looked all right. And that's it. They showed nothing, they did nothing, they were nothing. Why are they above us?

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

There was nothing to complain about, so there were no complaints, apart from the Rochdale/Bury/Bournemouth conspiracy played out on the scoreboard of torment. Infamy, infamy they've all got it infamy.

Official warning

Mr P Miller (Bedfordshire)
Was crackingly competent for 75 jolly japey minutes, then he went a bit doolally. Perhaps he realised he wasn't hitting his target for parking tickets, or maybe he was a bit dehydrated. He saw handballs that were and ignored ones that weren't and wasn't swayed by the huge waves of simpering from the home fan. A touch gallophobic in his dim view of Manset and Ak-Ak, but that equalled itself out perfectly acceptably. A nifty 9.012 for 75 minutes, then a shoddy 6.211 for the last quarter of an hour, so a seasonally adjusted 8.311 and don't forget your carrots.

Accentuate the positive

There's only one f in if, but five games until we've gone for a Burton.


Hereford United: Bartlett, Green, Valentine, D Jones, Rose, Lunt, Pugh, Young (Done 46), McQuilkin, Manset, Jervis (McCallum 69)

Subs not used: Gwynne, C Jones, King, Constantine, Preston

Booked: Manset, Valentine

Town: Colgan; Bore, Atkinson, Lancashire, Widdowson; Sinclair, Hudson, Devitt, Coulson; Wright (Stirling 80), Akpa Akpro

Subs not used: Sweeney, Forbes, Leary, Linwood, Proudlock, Wood

Booked: Colgan, Hudson, Wright