Player profile: Luke Foulkes

Cod Almighty | Article

by Tony Butcher

6 August 2007

With a cheeky, cherubic smile, this chubby charmer has what it takes to satisfy the ladies down in the discotheques of Grimsby's fashionable West End. A short-term contract for the short-permed right-back... oh, alright, he hasn't got a perm. We don't do perms, oh no, not in Grimsby now that the eighties and Mike Lyons have passed away.

Young Luke has been spotted trotting in the pre-season kickabouts, to no great embarrassment. He has the size of a full-back, and the turning circle too, so perhaps he is a full-back. Maybe the Force is with him, maybe not. Like a footballing Quincy, he's been given 24 weeks, that's all he asked to solve our mystery of the missing Macca.