Player profile: Danny Boshell

Cod Almighty | Article

by Simon Wilson

6 August 2007

The Bosh expected to be a bit-part squad player last season after his arrival from Stockport last summer. In early September he showed his worth to the team, controlling Town's riddum as the team strolled past Macclesfield (in the first half anyhow). Since then he's gone on to be the beat of the side, making the team tick-tick-tick. And while this is hardly a barometer of decency and application, Bosh is the only one of Graham Rodger's midfield signings (Peter Beagrie, Gary Harkins, Ricky Ravenhill) still at the club.

His worst performance of the season by a country mile was when he was dumped at left-back against Rochdale on New Year's Day, where he looked woefully out of position. Everything else last season was, at the very least, acceptable, a model of consistency and competence.

Boshell's style draw comparisons with the best midfield maestros in recent years – Cunnington and Groves – lively, able to sit deep, apply some West Yorkshire grit, get stuck in, set things going, and work his way towards the opposition goal, a typical and effective box-to-box player. He's more than just a basics player, as his sumptuous volley at Bastard Francise Scum showed. Bosh could do with weighing in with a few more goals though – which is something a Buckley-led Town team needs. There are times when he is in good positions and doesn't get the ball on target. Like a generous dashing of fresh coriander on a sumptuous curry, them goals would be a generous bonus.