Player profiles: Andy Butler

Cod Almighty | Article

by Tony Butcher

30 October 2006

He's young, so it's too early to call him Andrew. Only his mum can do that.

Another one of Laws' revenging angels or a solid stopper with bags of hair and attitude? He's someone you never see, can never remember him doing anything. Apart from that penalty against Hereford, of course. Now that's one way to become a Scunny hero, eh, Petey Beagrie?

He won't be here long, he's just something borrowed, which makes the Pontoon air turn blue. Is he worth getting het up about?

No, he's OK. He's like the can of sealant you buy from B&Q when you have cracked grouting. It sprays everywhere when you first use it and takes a while to control, but when you get the hang of it you don't need it any more.