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26 May 2017

Devon Diary writes: After last week's news that the club didn't want Shaun Pearson to stay with us quite as much as we expected (despite having played more minutes over the season than all but two other outfield players), sometimes it's nice to be scrabbling around for a scrap of Town-related news, right?

No, after that bombshell, (and before that the news that we were cutting loose Dizza), it's better for our nerves and fingernails to have a quiet week. The club signed a central midfielder of course – I believe that "welcome to the club, Mitch" is the correct etiquette in these situations – but that's not really news is it? I mean, we do that most weeks. We also confirmed that, er... midfielder Harry Clifton had indeed signed a contract extension and will be with us for another season.

Apart from that, PayForWhatYouUseGate (as nobody is calling it) spluttered into life when Grimsby FunnymanTM Lloyd Griffith told us that the Mariners Trust had been charged by the club for the use of the pitch and facilities for its Pay Play on the Pitch day. We all huffed and puffed a little until the Cleethorpes Chronicle put the whole thing to bed with the news that the trust had in fact known about the charges when it made the booking six months ago.

Maybe Terry could have told his fellow MT board members? Don't these folks talk? It's good to talk.

Anyway, the thing that jumped out of the Clee Chronicle article for me was the chairman's statement that the trust exists to put money into the club. I dunno about you but is that what we bought into when we became members? I know that the trust does raise money for the club, particularly the youth setup, and that it pays for its place on the board, but there has to be more to it than that, no? 

Let's have a mission statement. Let's make it clear what the trust stands for. Or it's in danger of looking like little more than a volunteer arm of the commercial department, when holding the club to account might be more appropriate. We're told this happens behind closed doors, but it might as well be falling down in the woods when the trust must back the club's stance because of the board's united front.

Last year of course, the trust launched Operation3k in order to boost season ticket sales for our first season back in the League but this year the club seems to have adopted a stealthier strategy and have announced that they are not even going on sale until 5 June. 

While we sit twiddling our thumbs, our friends down the A46 (other roads are available) are on course to shift 5,000 season tickets. Bumper gates as they cruised to the conference title and cash from their FA Cup run means they are more than just rivals again; they could be promotion contenders if the Cowleys manage to fit the necessary upgrades before August. 

It fills me with dread. Ugh.

Elsewhere, that Matt Dean off of the Beeb tells us that our second signing of the summer is imminent. I'm going to hazard a guess that it's confirmation of Danny Collins re-signing. 

Look further down his Twitter timeline and he also assures us that James McKeown is staying with us.

Are you bored? Clock-watching at work and wishing it was time to bunk off? Need something to exercise the old grey matter? OK, try this: how many players have turned out for the Holy Trinity of Town, Lincoln and Scunny? 

Rules? I'm going to say George Kerr to show how flexible I'm being. George played for the Iron but went on to manage Town and Lincoln (twice). Bonus points, you say? How about chucking 'Ull into the mix? How many players and managers have turned out for all four? (I can think of one but I'm not going to spoil it) Tweet your answers.   

Have a great weekend, despite the inevitable bank holiday monsoons. UTM.