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7 December 2017

Over to you for today's diary.

Antony Chapman has been pursuing the Football League for a copy of the updated stewarding guidance they said they'd be issuing following their whitewash investigation of the Stevenage game. Nothing they can share yet, apparently, but Antony won't let it drop, he promises.

Rob McIlveen takes issue with Monday's diary: "I fear that Deviant Diary, our normally ultra-reliable guide to the 1970s, has let his standards slip. Surely, we'd be expecting Fenty to leap across the bonnet of either a silver or gold Ford Capri 3.0S rather than an orange one. It's a minor point to the casual observer, I suspect, but to those of us who still believe it is the 1970s, it's a pretty big deal."

Picking up on yesterday's diary, Dan Humphrey writes: "I remember Extreme the band, and recall that they had an album called Three Sides to Every Story. Applied to the modern Mariners, that could be categorised as Fenty's view, the bullies in the minority view, and finally the silent majority who shudder each time GTFC try any form of PR. As if JF thinks there are three sides..."

One thing you can rely on is that Fenty does not read Cod Almighty; otherwise he might even now be thinking, good idea! We'll just develop Peaks Parkway with stands on three sides.

Middle-Aged Diary is trying to be self-effacing today, but following on from the tropes of moving on and unity that I took issue with on Tuesday, here is a third: the club is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't. That's been aired after yesterday's vapid statement on the stadium. To be clear, the problem is not really that the club is not keeping us informed about the lack of progress: it is that there is no progress.

I managed my personal relocation with about as much stress but slightly greater speed. However, my books are still in boxes, so I can't help Phil Jennings, who wrote to us asking after his great uncle Henry William (Bill) Jennings, who played for Town between 1940-42. If you know of him, or can look him up, please get in touch and we'll put you in touch with Phil.