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We Want Goals

24 January 2019

Five games without a goal? We've got just the tonic, a quiz about goals, by Jamie Anderson, fact-checked by Liz Anderson.

1. Which of these legends scored the most goals for Town (in all competitions)?

Liam Hearn

Pádraig Amond

Craig Disley

Richard Brodie

2. Which country is former Town 'hitman' Jean-Louis Akpa Akpro from?

Democratic Republic of Congo




3. Playoff-clincher Nathan Arnold scored how many goals in his Town career?





4. How many goals has penalty king Mitch Rose scored and how many were penalties?

11 and 6

13 and 9

12 and 7

12 and 9

5. Top scorer Wes Thomas was joint top scorer for which team last season?  

Bristol City

Oxford City

Bristol Rovers

Oxford United

6. Only two players managed to score in consecutive games last season. Mitch Rose was one, who was the other?

Siriki Dembele

Danny Collins

Jamille Matt

JJ Hooper

7. What was the name of the keeper that Podge beat from the spot in the Braintree semi-final?

Alex Hope

Tom King

Nick Day

Tom Hope

8. Striker Simeon Jackson had a short spell with Town last season. What was his squad number? 





9. Everyone remembers when Town trashed Halifax 7-0 and Podge scored four but who shared the other three?

Omar Bogle and Craig Clay

Andy Monkhouse and Omar Bogle

Craig Disley and Omar Bogle

Craig Clay and Nathan Arnold

10. Who scored our first goal of the season from open play?

Wes Thomas

Jordan Cook

Martyn Woolford

Charles Vernam