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Just because it has been said before does not mean it isn't true

13 June 2019

You could probably classify football fans according to their close-season fears and fantasies. Are you convinced the club will be hurtling to the Conference in a matter of months unless John Fenty goes? Or will the return of Elliott Whitehouse and the signing of Matt Green – a player who surely combines not only the names but also the qualities of Matt Tees and Rod Green – make us title contenders? I guess you aren't one of those people who treats June and July as a chance to do some gardening, watch some cricket and forget Town for a while, or you wouldn't be reading this.

As the title 'Middle-Aged Diary' (yes, yes, I said I was going, but I did also warn you I'd be back, remember) becomes ever more euphemistic, I find my fantasies inevitably focus not on the big signings but on the young hopefuls. In Max Wright I take a proprietorial interest as I've seen him play at Trafford's Shawe View, when he was on loan with Scarborough.

The experience of playing for the Sea Dogs, and for Boston, he says in an interview in today's Telegraph, was no more than a preparation for the real thing: "It’s a hard feeling to describe. It’s an indescribable feeling. You are stepping on to the pitch for the first time, in the league, for your club – and that is unbelievable. Playing in front of your fans, in your kit that you’ve worn as a fan for the past 15 or so years."

The most powerful of phrases will get worn out through overuse, their appearance on the screen like wallpaper. By and large, Wright just says the things you expect him to say – but there and then, talking about making his debut for his hometown club, he reminds that he really is "one of our own".

Now go and watch some cricket, if it has stopped raining, or the Women's World Cup.