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19 July 2019

Grimsby Town's dreams of cup-winning glory are over for another season, even before the season has begun. Last night, we lost 2-0 at Gainsborough Trinity in the Lincolnshire Senior Cup. Middle-Aged Diary won't call the team unfamiliar but at one point, someone in all seriousness had to ask which team had attacked when a move involving two youth players was described on Twitter.

A pang of regret? Definitely, but then Middle-Aged Diary last night had to ask when we last actually won the thing and when I was told 2014-15, I can't pretend it brought back golden memories. The only one of those we have is of Paul Futcher sinking Boston with his only goal for the Mariners.

The Wikipedia page for the Lincolnshire Cup hasn't been updated since 2015, and the Lincolnshire FA's own website only presents details of last year's competition, won by Cleethorpes Town. If the Mariners have stopped taking the cup seriously, we are not alone. Our Victorian forebears would have been astounded that 140 years later, a Lincolnshire Cup game could be mistaken for a friendly. Perhaps we owe it to them to think how the cup can be made competitive again. If it can't, maybe we should give it a decent burial.

Tomorrow will see a far stronger Grimsby team lining up to face Doncaster Rovers at Blundell Park, the match kicking off at 12.00. Please tell me that isn't on police advice?

Autumn is coming (The Welsh word for July means end of Summer) so it is time to talk about the Cleethorpes Illuminations. The grand turning on of the new floodlights - the lights are new even if the pylons they are mounted on are simply old ones chopped up a bit and given a new coat of pain - takes place on 6 August. It is basically the usual chance to meet the manager and some players over pie and chips, but the club have chosen to hang the event from the floodlights. Although not literally, so leave your helmet and safety harness at home.

It'll take place at McMenemy's. "With our commercial stairlift and disabled wash room facilities now in full working order, access to our McMenemy's Function Suite has never been easier." Or more legal.

Giving supporters the chance to mingle with the playing staff and making sure Blundell Park meets accessibility regulations are both good things to do, and I'm glad the club is doing them. But these things actually sound more impressive if you don't try and make them something that they are not.

Enjoy your weekend.