Match stats: Grimsby v Leyton Orient

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Saturday 19 October 2019

Division 4

Grimsby Town 0

Leyton Orient 4 Happe (11), Coulson (21), Alabi (80), Wright (pen 85)

Attendance: 4132 (383 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Who cares?

I have no wish to embarrass the sponsors by revealing a name they were forced to choose.

Cod Almighty man of the match: No-one


Our gaffer says

Ooh, he was ever so disappointed.

Sooooo disappointed it's now back to basics!

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Their gaffer says

Ooh, the old temporary boss before the new real boss bothers was ever so happy, trilling about all the good things about Leyton life, especially Brill's brilliance, admitting that they were only comfortable when the third goal went in.

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A midfield that is outmanoeuvred and out-passed by Craig Clay is not a midfield at all. A central defence that is spooked by Matt Harrold is a candyfloss confection.

Every post-Buckley manager tries to impose a fancy-dan formation. They all fail. None learn their lessons from history. At Blundell Park anything other than 4-4-2 will lead to disaster.

There is nothing positive to say about anyone or anything.

A Jolley poor show, we expect better. We expect better immediately.


They are a team. They have players who can control the football adequately. They can pass and they were willing to move. They ran rings around Town for the first half.

But without Brill's brilliance and Town's amazing ability to miss open goals, this free gift of three points would have been wickedly tossed aside. They are a decent division four team. No fear of falling back, and the play offs are a tingling temptation. Should finish between 8th and 13th.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Can't even be bothered to boo. The mass of Marinerdom simply walked out way before the end.

Official warning

Mr N Kinseley

Distinctly average for this dross of a division, being generally a bit rubbish. The cherry on his iced bun was getting just the one penalty decision wrong – the one against Town.

He had no material impact on the result and is by far not the worst we've seen: 5.339.

Readers' digest

The bell is tolling.

In a word: hellacious


Town: McKeown; Hendrie, Waterfall, Öhman, Gibson; Hewitt (Whitehouse 59), Hessenthaler, Clifton (Ogbu 45); Vernam (Green 45); Hanson, Rose

Subs not used: Davis, Cook, Russell, pollock

Booked: Hendrie, Hewitt

Leyton Orient: Brill; Ekpiteta, Coulson, Happe, Widdowson, Dayton (Dennis 57), Wright, Clay, Brophy, Gorman (Marsh 74), Harrold (Alabi 68)

Subs not used: Maguire-Drew, Sargeant, Judd, Ogie

Booked: Ekpiteta, Harrold