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13 January 2020

Some things mature with age like a fine wine. Not me, though - I get more infantile by the minute. And unfortunately for you I'm back in charge of the postbag after a brief hiatus. Come at me, bro.

Pre-Ollie Blues

As a town fan going back to the Dave Booth area up to the present day I have watched my team through thick and thin - the good and the bad times. I go to all the home games and as many away games as I can. I do have an understanding of football as I used to play the game I love. This is the first time I have stopped going - I was even offered a free ticket for the Tuesday night game but turned it down.

I can accept losing, it is part off the game, but in the last five to six games all I have seen is a team so disjointed it’s embarrassing. Oldham away there were at least four to five players playing out of position; I've watched Leyton Orient make us look like a Sunday-league team; and the last five home games I have left Blundell park on such a downer not just by the results but by the performance and the constant chopping and changing of the team. I do understand that due to injuries there sometimes have to be changes, but a lot of the time it does not seem that way.

As a very disillusioned supporter I listened to John Fenty on Talk Sport saying we have a massive game on Wednesday, pointing out about the revenue and, if we get through, the financial gain as the next round is live on BBC Two on Friday. He said we are playing Notts County. How can the main shareholder not even know which team we are playing in a few days time - the truth is, it is embarrassing.

from Carl Wishart (1st December)

Letters Ed responds: What a difference a month makes. I've personally had as much of Fenty as I can ever take, but Holloway does have an infectious personality and I can see how people would be tempted back by him.

Floating away

Hammer and nail hit squarely with regard to dwindling support. My black-and-white tinted glasses were ditched many seasons ago, long before we even dropped into non-League. This club has been on a steady downward spiral for many years and poor decisions have been made at every level within the club - whether that was managerial, players or infrastructure, the club was destined to end up in the mess we now find ourselves in.

The die was cast when the club decided to implement the Taylor report recommendations with an urgency that was both unnecessary and, in typical town fashion, ill-thought through. In one fell swoop the ground capacity was halved, thus alienating a large swathe of support which we have probably lost forever. The following season saw a half-hearted attempt to introduce ticketing for games and a membership scheme which surprisingly were soon discarded - a bit like the not inconsiderable floating support which all clubs have and rely on, unless you're GTFC.

My season ticket has seen daylight on three occasion this year and the sad thing is I am not that bothered. When I go the ghosts of the past have stopped instilling that neck-hair lifting feeling as you walk into the ground. That crackling atmosphere that made you feel physically sick with anticipation has long gone. I fear the ghosts have shuffled away and deserted my club just like the floating support.

from Rich Jones (2 December)

Letters Ed responds: Well I won't disagree with you that the club has done little over the years to try and keep or grow its core support, but I'm not sure it could necessarily have side-stepped the recommendations of the Taylor Report given our league standing at the time.

Nail on head

I would just like to say that I thought Friday's diary was one of the best I have ever read and to me every point made hit the nail on the head. Well done West Yorkshire Diary, don't think even some Tories would disagree with you - although sadly I can think of one who would!

from Paul Tuplin (16 December)

It's New Year's Eve, not New Year's Steve!

Dear West Yorkshire Diary - I fear you overlooked something even more serious in your misguided report.

Have to admit I thought Jezza was only interested in taking us back to the 1970s with his nationalisation plans and turning the country into an economic basket-case. Perhaps then we could all have gone back to wearing flared trousers, drinking Blue Nun wine and driving around in Austin Allegros!

But I was clearly wrong. Let us not forget that Corbyn was propped up by intimidating, bullying, jew-hating thugs - otherwise known as "Momentum". And before long we would have represented 1930s Germany which would have been even more joyful.

So that, West Yorkshire Diary was probably one of the main reasons why the country, including Grimsby, voted Tory. I hope that your silly student politics won't make that too difficult for you to grasp.

from Kevin Hand (31 December)

Letters Ed responds: New Year's Eve, Kev - and you're coming at me like a malodorous piss-weasel. Have a drink, man. You need one if you feel threatened by the sandal-munching quinoa-hipsters of Momentum. Jesus wept.

See me, I'm out partying drinking blue nun in my flared trousers mate. Might go and see that Nancy Astor statue the Tories put up.

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