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19 May 2020

What do you know of 1979-80? Rob McIlveen, author of Champions!, the great new book on the season tests your knowledge

1. Darlington turned down Town's initial bid of £30,000 for defender John Stone in July 1979, but agreed to let him join Town just before the season began. How much did Town pay?

Free transfer




2. Which teams did the 'double' over Town during the championship winning season?

Chester, Chesterfield and Colchester

Chester and Chesterfield

Chester and Colchester

Chesterfield and Colchester

3. Who described his first ever hat-trick in league football as "a terrific end to a wonderful season"?

Bob Cumming

Kevin Drinkell

Tony Ford

Joe Waters

4. Which former England international was sent off on Boxing Day 1979 following an altercation with Bob Cumming?

Allan Clarke

Norman Hunter

Duncan McKenzie

Colin Todd

5. Whose testimonial attracted a crowd of nearly 14,000 in November 1979?

Dave Booth

Bob Cumming

Tony Ford

Clive Wigginton

6. Which Town player grew a beard during the League Cup run and vowed to shave it off only when the Mariners were knocked out of the competition?

Nigel Batch

Mike Brolly

Dean Crombie

Kevin Kilmore

7. Which player was ruled out of the Christmas fixture at Sheffield United because he dropped a toilet cistern on his foot?

Bob Cumming

Kevin Kilmore

Gary Liddell

Bob Mitchell

8. Which first division club were seriously interested in signing Kevin Moore in December 1979?





9. Whose goal featured as a contender for Match of the Day's goal of the month in March 1980?

Mike Brolly, v Barnsley

Bob Cumming, v Notts County

Kevin Drinkell, v Millwall

Joe Waters, v Reading

10. Against which team did Town score five second-half goals in 20 minutes on the way to winning the league?





Is it double promotion or double trouble? Either way, you'll need a copy of Champions!