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All for one, but will the Championship say one for all?

16 October 2020

Town travel to a Tier 2 capital tomorrow for a 5.30 kick off, a time normally reserved for CashtoburnTown V Moneybags United in the top flight.

Of course, moving the start against Leyton Orient is because, as Holloway stated yesterday, we "can't afford" to stay in a hotel. With money tight, it would have maybe seemed prudent to accept the monetary offer from the big boys, the by-product of the Project Big Greedy Bastards. The £50 million on the table, once carved out, would be worth something between £3-500,000.

However, yesterday, in a story so fast-moving it was nearly stamped on, football league clubs rejected the cash earmarked for division three and four clubs because division two clubs were not included in the offer. While noble in its repudiation (or cynically a negotiating tool), the idea that solidarity exists between the leagues is laughable. Do we really think that clubs that can use their own grounds to circumvent the very rules that were set up to prevent this kind of catastrophe give a toss about the likes of Grimsby Town?

That money would have been hugely beneficial to a club that is surviving on iFollow money and the Mariners Lottery. With luck, it would have seen us through the winter and given us some breathing space until some semblance of support is allowed back into Blundell Park.

Thunderdiary welcomes the dialogue generated over a need for football to evolve and move forward in a post-Covid world. This should be done, however, with the best interests of all of the 92 at its heart. No culling to 90, no B-teams, no top-heavy governance. Football has a chance to reboot itself and align itself with the brave new world that we can all hope to be part of.

In the meantime, 1500 Town fans cannot bounce along with the Aalst gang at Brisbane Road tomorrow as we look to build on that excellent win on Tuesday. How Town set up is anyone’s guess, with Holloway making an average of five changes from game to game. Whether Öhman recovers from a leg strain might determine the system, but there can be no doubt that a pressing, fast and energetic front three may well unlock another home defence.

We will know the answer tomorrow come, er, 7.25.