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A Grimbarian growl snapping at your ankles

17 March 2021

James Booth and Shaun Ellis pay our diarists a compliment and help identify a player.

Wooly hat's off!

Dear Cod Almighty,

Even with the usual high-standard of diary entries from all your diarists, Trentside Diary's edition of 11 March is an absolute corker. I remove my saw dust-covered woolly hat in appreciation.

Please continue to keep up the good work, the time, effort and excellent writing is much appreciated.



from James Booth

That's who it was.

I think that you mean Pete Dannat, he fits the description. Never moody, but then he does have a Grimsby Grin - that scowl for anyone who was trying to kick him, and as you know there was plenty out there trying to.

Like in your article, Pete was that player, a rocket of a right boot and an instant control of the ball. A real handful to play against too I don't doubt.

Having played for Grimsby College with Dave Topliss, Tony Gale, et al for 3-4 seasons it was clear that some had an idea of the game and the rest of us made up the numbers. My technique was to be willing to take their advice, and give them the ball. I tried to get Pete to talk with Lee Stephens and join us but he was busy with the Fire Brigade at that time.

I enjoyed reading the article and liked your comments. Like a few I just hope the current team can keep Gigglesthorpe FC in the grown up divisions.

I do remember getting tickets from Gary, via Kevin, to go and see Town play at Everton - what a night that was.


from Shaun Ellis

Lots of Town supporters are very vocal on social media about performances, line ups, old kits, new kits, flasks, burgers and much more. Rather than using a mere 280 characters to express yourself, why not write something more thought out to us here at CA Towers via the feedback form? We're all ears!