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Playing and working together

8 September 2021

Mike Worden caught up with some old friends at the match and Ian Jackson shares his thoughts with us on team building.

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself

Great diary. I travelled to the game with Phil (known each other 20 years), went in a pub in Cheadle Hulme (the Chiverton Tap right next to station if ever you are nearby) owned by a Grimsby mate who I've known 35 years to meet a former work colleague - a Stockport fan who I've known 20 years - and another Grimsby fan from Bramall who I've know 20 years. Just an amazing amount of cumulative time. The power of football to bring all this together. We missed it.

from Mike Worden

Letters Ed responds: Indeed we have, Mike.

Modern life is rubbish

Just musing on the new owners. Fantastic stuff so far, long may it continue. Why am I writing? I have to laugh out loud at 'Barnit', and it made me think of 'Witherspoons', the pub chain that doesn't exist. Sounds a bit like Wetherspoons, the pub chain that does exist. Ha ha.

Then, as my mind works, the no 'I' in team phrase. The new owners are positive, look capable and I'm sure are inclusive and the talk about a 'B' Corp is massive positive step to achieve that. However, I'm a Town fan, a long in the tooth employee of a local company and, yes, a bit cynical because of that. So I just hope we don't see the 'I' in Team phrase pop up in posters around the ground, that the players don't have to have 'team building days' with a consultant leading the lecture about 'blue sky thinking', 'touching base' and taking a 'helicopter view'. I'm sure they won't, I'm sure there is more positivity to be had by an inclusive and open atmosphere and decent results.


from Ian Jackson

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