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We're on the road to (not) Wembley

19 May 2022

Mr Target Demographic writes: Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope yours started as well as mine, only because waking up this morning marked one less sleep until the GTFC massive arrive at Meadow Lane, where I myself am lucky enough to be part of the few that managed to get tickets among our own fans. The whole process of getting a ticket for this play-off game, whether online or at the club shop, was nothing short of messy.

However, I'm not here to talk about that. I wanted to raise the issue of how complicated the play-offs are in the National League. Working in a pub where many are Lincoln supporters, you'd think they'd have some understanding of the way it worked. This is not the case however and you should see the faces as I try and explain the way the system works. For me it's not all that complicated, but that's maybe because I've run it over a thousand times in my head, in preparation for the moment I eventually had to explain it to someone.

Why can't three go up with two automatic places, and then the same play-off system as other leagues? It's probably been explained before, but I'm not going to try and find it. Instead I'll just complain and ramble to anyone who’ll listen.

As Daubney diary noted yesterday, Chris Hargreaves has been appointed the new manager of Yeovil Town. Now I personally know little to nothing about Hargreaves, aside that he used to play for Town and he now stands on the side of the pitch with BT Sport whenever we have an important home fixture. That being said, I wish him all the best at in his new occupation as long as they let us take all six points next season, if we don't go up.

Did anyone watch last night's final, because I did. Well done to both teams on getting to the final but imagine being a Rangers fan. Beating Dortmund, Leipzig (who are on fire at the moment) and Braga only to then be outdone on penalties by a sausage. I joke but I actually wanted Frankfurt to win. Like many I enjoyed their story of beating Barcelona and then West Ham all the while sitting 11th in the Bundesliga. That's the magic of Europe I suppose: a team can be mediocre domestically but do well continentally. Perhaps that's more just football.

Anyway! I shall hopefully see you all in Nottingham soon, but until then...