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23 June 2022

Two regular readers get in touch looking back at our play-off final win and memories of reading about a journalist's trip to Carlisle.


A few random thoughts after the wonderful performance at the Olympic Stadium.

Can the England cricketers please replace the woeful England football team.

How about playing extra time in all league games that end in a draw at full time.

Will Tony Butcher please stop referring to "little" Harry Clifton. It is sizeist, and very un-PC.

Five of the Olympic Stadium team have gone, Smith, Sousa, Abrahams, Raikhy and Dieseruvwe. Who will be most missed – Smith? Will they be easily replaced?

In next season’s list of players will CA Towers please include a column with the players' ages, at the start of the season or on signing. We are sometimes told that we have a young team; it would be good to be able to confirm that.

That’s enough for now.

from Antony Chapman

Letters Ed responds: Apologies for our tardiness in publishing your letter, Antony. There have been a few delays in the sorting office but we hope to get this fixed and please keep sending in your letters. This applies to all of our readers too. You can get in touch here.

Fans Thoughts

Continuing the collective repartee theme of recent correspondence, I remember the great journalist Harry Pearson recounting his experience at a Carlisle match against Hartlepool (the soi disant Monkey Hangers).

One Carlisle fan: You hang monkeys!

The witty riposte: You shag sheep!

You hang monkeys!

You etc.

Then the final: You shag sheep!

And the Carlisle reply: Well, I’d rather shag a... Oh fuck off!

from Malcolm Carson

Letters Ed responds: Malcolm, please accept our apologies for the slow posting of your mail. We are looking into the problem but please keep sending in your correspondance folks.

What do you make of the new fixtures, the League Cup draw, season ticket sales, club statements, or, as its barbeque season, where do you get your Lincolnshire sausages? Tell us.