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30 June 2022

Mr Target Demographic writes: Happy Thursday everyone! Hopefully this Thursday should be a happier one for a lot of people as today is payday for many. So, let's try and make one last incredible push for season tickets and smash (as if we haven't already) the numbers from recent years.

Just to entice those of you who haven't yet got a season ticket, what a week for contract renewals and new signings it's been.

I thought for a moment that Town had signed the former captain of the Australian cricket team David Warner. Stephen Wearne we hope has a bright future ahead of him, in football, not cricket. Back in the day it was often the way that gentlemen played cricket in the summer and football the rest of the year. Geoff Hurst was not only was part of the 1966 World Cup-winning squad where he scored a hat-trick but he also played for Essex men's team.

Back to Town, with full backs Amos and Cropper signing on again, it just adds to the hope that we can really push on and do well this season. Particularly due to the depth we have now have in defence with the return of Anthony Glennon a left back who was top class for us when he came on loan. If he retains that quality Paul Hurst will certainly have a difficult selection to make at left back.

Let me just add before I continue that I don't require any fees for the scouting work I did six months ago. If Jon Nolan comes in, this diary will have been pretty accurate.

I recently made my podcast debut talking about Ben Fox for Northampton Town. At first I'd thought many of our promotion-winning squad would be poached by teams that either played at a higher level or could simply pay more. However, with every player that re-signs, the stronger the sense that the players would stick together to go again next season, so now Fox's departure for a fourth-flight rival is starting to hurt a little more. However, I don't hold anything against him and wish him well, except when Northampton play us.

Finally, the kit, for which the club is now releasing some teasers. Oh my word. It's cold: one of the nicest kits we've had in a while. I can't wait to see the away and third kits that could go even bolder. Typical words can't describe how I feel about this kit so here's another term us young ones use, to describe someone attractive: "peng".