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Summer: a photographic odyssey

2 June 2023

Hello ladies and gentleman. It was the Europa Cup final on Wednesday night, which was advertised as Seville vs Roma but seemed to me to be more like a riot in Play Towers. Awful football, awful acting, 'gamesmanship' (which has always been a polite way of saying cheating) and general shithousery. If I wanted to watch that kind of thing I'd wait until Bromley next play Cheltenham.

The weather is supposed to be nicer today but as I write it's still winter outside, but without the good bit of winter, i.e. Stripeys.

I've been thinking of various local activities and attractions you could use to fill the football-shaped hole in your life this June.

1. Aldi

The notorious Aisle of Shite is always worth a visit, where if you are lucky you can pick up a discounted plastic saddle or some dog binoculars. Offers change week by week but if you’re quick you might be able to get a bargain like this one.

Aldi price label

Although this one from Sainsbury’s remains the best deal I've ever stumbled across locally. Will it ever be beaten?

Sainsburys price label

2. Wildlife photography

Grimsby is surrounded by naturally spectacular and scenic wilderness packed with wildlife and adventure. Here is a picture I managed to capture last week of a roe deer walking majestically along in its natural habitat: a car compound at Immingham. Could you do better?


3. Harry Potter World

Not technically true, of course, but Grimsby is certainly a place where magic and mystery combine. Unexplained local occurrences include this one:


Certainly plenty of scope for students of the mysterious and macabre to explore here! 

And no, we've not signed a striker yet. Maybe next week. Or maybe not.