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Saturday 27 July 2024

South Shields (Away)


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20 July 2024

York City 2 Town 1

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Previously: Boston United (A)

Report: A fish and chip supper

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Thomas Pinault (2004-2005) 43 apps

Midfielder, Frenchman. Did not conform to national stereotypes, but did drive a Renault Clio and smoke lots.


In Monday's Deviant diary: Ken Dodd vs Psychadelic Furs; trialists found guilty; and it's just not cricket on the telly

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main feature

Tell Me Why

W.H.Y. Rich Lord sets out why those holding any power, even down to just someone where you work, need to explain why they do what they do, or don't do

Women's Football - time to change

Dale Houlston, ex-manager of GTFC ladies team, shares his thoughts on the future of women's football at Town

The Final Cut: politics, plans and power to the people

"Gee Jason, what do you wanna do tonight? Same thing we do every night Tony, try to take over the world!"

Scarlet runners

For a few months in 1934, Grimsby Town were perhaps the best team in England. As Pat Bell writes, they were helped by their choice of sock

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We’re a talented lot, us Town fans: Cricketers, Poets and IFAB Blue Sky Thinkers


Relieve the boredom of watching Engerland at the Euros with GTFC Only Connect Wall number ten.

From the archive

Back in the day when we used to actually speak to people at the club, Paul Thundercliffe was the man doing the talking


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