Player profile: Peter Till

Cod Almighty | Article

by Tony Butcher

6 August 2007

A lovely lad with a lovely tan. One of the three mouseketeers brought in last November by his majesty, the Lord of Buckley, to apply a damp course to the rotting foundations of ye olde Blundell cottage: he was an instant hit with wonderful wingery against Accrington Stannery. Then he shrank into the darkening corners as the Conference beckoned.

Let's cut him some Trevor Slack, for he was a bit injured as winter nearly killed off Town. Jettisoned by Ponceyship-bound Birmingham, he's ours, all ours now – and he's been a pre-season smasharooney. Seemingly rejuvenated and fit, he's been ducking and diving on the right all July.

He's a proper winger and will roast several chestnutted full-backs on an open fire.