A rough guide to... Boreham Wood

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by Tom Sargent

25 November 2021

Boreham Wood, from the town of Borehamwood, home of a fancy pitch and the Elstree Studios. Tom offers our latest rough guide.

Who are you?

Boreham Wood Football Club are the football team from Borehamwood in Herftordshire, England. Oddly, the name of the town does not match the name of the team and nobody seems to know why.

Where are you from?

Boreham Wood are from Borehamwood. They play at Meadow Park which has a Desso Pitch. Desso pitches are those fancy ones that combines actual grass with fake grass so it looks nice and stuff. The installation of the Desso pitch was part of a £1.8 million investment secured by super-chairman Danny Hunter who has invested 14 squillion into yhe Wood seeing them rise from the Ryman League to the Bananarama.

I remember the town of Borehamwood being the place on the address of any correspondance you might like to send to the BBC, particularly Blue Peter. Several interesting TV programmes and films, including Big Brother, have been shot at the Elstree Studios in the town. Pizza Hut also have their UK HQ locally so it's probably the place to get your favourite deep pan.

This absolute gem is also listed on the internet under 'sport and recreation' -  "the hamlet of Well End has a notable pub, the Mops and Brooms, reputedly the site of a battle between travellers and village folk". Doesn't sound like the place to be designated an away fans pub.

How are you feeling?

Like we could go all the way. Boreham Wood are ambitious and flying high - why not enjoy the ride?

Pre-Match Fact File


Closing in on top spot with three winds and two draws in their last five, including a 4-0 drubbing of Maidenhead last Saturday followed by a draw with Notts County.

Last time

We met in the 2015-16 season, drawing at Blundell Park, Grimsby winning 3-1 away.


Scott Boden with 9 goals seems like the one to watch.

Ex-Town factor


Rivalometer; 9 - geographically - 0; historically - 0; in this season's league table 9 so 9.

Would your research extend beyond Wikipedia? Then you probably have the skills to write a rough guide so get in touch.