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Right colours, wrong place

22 September 2022

Mr Target Demographic Diary writes: Well folks, this is it! I'm fully moved into university up in Newcastle and believe it or not I have a gorgeous view onto St James Park from the only window in my room. I say gorgeous, I see about one quarter. Still, it will be interesting to watch coverage on my phone while simultaneously watching out my window - no real reason just like to spoil things for myself clearly.

Surprisingly so far, I feel like I've met more people from Hull (unfortunately) than Newcastle. During the introduction on my history course we went round with people's names and where you’re from and as you’d expect when I told people I’m from Grimsby many heads turned as it’s almost like they couldn't believe I didn't smell the room out of fish or have six fingers. Believe it or not I'm normal, although I do have this condition that causes me to love football more than anything.

With my room being on the seventh floor and facing out towards the city I felt it only necessary to raise my GTFC 2015 promotion winners' flag for all to see. Honestly, I thought I'd have eggs thrown at my window by now, however due to the writing being only small and the flag being black and white people probably thing I'm just another member of the Toon army. That and it would have to be a hell of a throw to reach my window!

I had no understanding of what clubcalling meant until I asked someone born before the 2000s but now, I find myself clubcalling my own father asking how we played and who looked sharp. Perhaps the act is not not as outdated as I thought.

Newcastle is brilliant and St James is a marvel of engineering and stadium design but there's lots of things I miss about home: my friends, my family, my work, that smell walking down Blundell Avenue, sitting in that little plastic red seat while trying to understand any word said over the PA system. It just can't be topped for me.