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27 October 2023

Social media killed the email star as the Buggles famously sang. However, we do still check the postbag and this week found a novel suggestion, perhaps an extension of the managerial graveyard theme of Thursday's diary.

Sack the manager, and the next one too

Dear Cod Almightys,

As I write, Paul Hurst is still in charge of our beloved Mariners, but things aren't looking good.

If the GTFC owners decide a change of leadership is necessary, I would like to register, at this early stage, my utter displeasure with the next manager - he is clearly not good enough at this level, his decision making and motivation is junk/trash, and his player recruitment is way below what I've been able to achieve on my computer. Also there's something about his personality or the way he speaks I don't like.

I want this new manager out, now, before we start sleepwalking into our next relegation dogfight window slamming shut. I will be sticking steadfastly to this opinion through thin and thick like the proper fan i am, because even if things start well, I know they'll go wrong eventually.

And at that point, I can smugly tell you all that I was right all along, and that he was never good enough, enjoying the fact that you've all now seen the light. Because that's what being a proper fan is all about.

Up the Mariners, but down with the next manager. And the owners. And the players, the podcasts, and anyone who claps or cheers anything, ever.

from Mr Abel Grimsby-Gitt