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We may be playing southern softies but they will be tough games

5 March 2024

Saturday evening was a much jollier affair in the Trentside household. I would love to see flowing, skilful football but for the rest of this season I will happily take playing ugly if we pick up points along the way. We had only had one clean sheet this year before the game so hanging on till the bitter end on Saturday showed some character that we have been missing for a while. Mr Moaner behind me was particularly put out that we managed to do it and stomped off at the end. He only ever shouts abuse and relishes every misplaced pass. I would hate to be so negative all of the time and not just relish the points if nothing else.

I rarely watch opposition managers in their post-match interviews but couldn’t help but see Steve Cotterill on Saturday. What can a manager actually say if they have lost. Moan about officials? Criticise actions of the winners? Try 'We should have won that game… we were the better team by a mile, by an absolute county mile'. How ridiculous. How do you square that with playing the whole game without a shot on target? Maybe it’s IFAB’s fault for not making the goals bigger. Maybe they could have another tinker to manufacture more shots on target to keep Mr Cotterill happy.

Tough game this evening as the Authentic FC Wimbledon team are flirting with the edge of the playoffs and will be doing everything in their power to try and get there. A point would be a decent result. Pin them down and we stand every chance of getting at least one. Whatever happens we will still have three teams below us and games in hand on two of them. I have nothing against AFC Wimbledon and every respect for how they have built themselves up to where they are now. However, we need points and a certain Harry Pell plays for them. How do you want the game to go was neatly summed up by California Mariner. I’m sure he won’t mind me quoting, 'Last minute header from Rose, Pellend tries to keep it out and collides with the post, jubilant scenes while he’s sparked out on the ground'. Cruel? I’d take it!

This will be me for the rest of the season. Weighing up every game, every nuance, every permutation of what our fellow wallowers are doing. I’m certain there will be good days and bad. Hang in there Mariners.