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18 June 2024

Mr Target Demographic writes: So, as if we didn't all already know, it looks set that Derry City defender Cameron McJannet will be joining the Mariners as soon as the Northern Irish transfer window opens.

Now I assume that pretty much all Town fans will not have heard about McJannet before the transfer links were made to the club. However this is not the case for me. See, when I heard the name McJannet I knew I had heard it before, but I simply placed it down to the Northern Irish Football Manager save I did a couple of years ago. That is until one of my close friends at university messaged me saying how upset she was that McJannet was leaving, then it all came flooding back! One of the girls I lived with in the first year was a big Derry City fan as she was from Derry originally and I remember one of our first conversations was about her favourite player Cameron McJannet! Let me stress that was not because of his amazing defensive ability…her fondness was more appearance based. Look out ladies of Grimsby, apparently we have an absolute dreamboat joining.

I have since reassured my friend that he is in safe hands, and I promised her I would take pictures of him at every given moment so that she may continue to see his face! We joked about the fact it would finally give my friend a reason to come and watch Town; an idea that was quickly shot down though due to the fact McJannet may file a restraining order if she was to follow him to another country! I stress this was all said in the name of fun and our new centre-half is not in fact being stalked.

In other news, as I'm back in Lincolnshire for the summer all my friends are Lincoln fans once again. I went out in Lincoln for the England game with them and, my god, I forgot just how insufferable they are at some points. The only shining light that came from it was that they were all in agreement our new kits were vastly superior to theirs, even going so far as to compliment them!

I told you I would have something fun this week. I clearly just woke up on the wrong side of the bed last diary!