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Halló Grimsby aðdáendur.

10 July 2024

Mr Target Demographic writes: Hello Town fans! Or as the Icelandic say halló Grimsby aðdáendur. With the highly-rated and highly anticpated Jason Daði Svanþórsson (thank cod for copy and paste!) joining Town yesterday I felt it necessary to make my diary a little more inclusive of his culture! However, if he enjoys fish about as much as we do then I’m sure he’ll settle quickly within the Town.

Speaking of settling, like many other Town fans I expect  that a few more Icelandic names will be coming through the door before the end of the window. It is reminiscent of when Jolley was in charge and dipped into the Swedish market bringing both Öhman and Ring to the club. That being said, I hope that comparison is the only thing that is similar about these transfers as, while I liked both Ring and Öhman, unfortunately I don't believe they were good enough for the English fourth tier.

Seeing clips of Icelandic Jason circle around Twitter, he seems to be a good player capable of playing both on the wing and through the middle as a 10. I am also extremely pleased to have a player that has played in both the Champions League and on the international scene for Iceland. I specify I'm talking about Icelandic Jason just in case you thought our ex-chairperson had suddenly become a speed demon and grown blonde hair. Joking aside, playing at these kind of levels no matter for which club or country, shows that he is a realyl talented professional and hopefully can emulate this success at Grimsby!

One person I do not envy is the next commentator for GTFC as, if my prediction is correct, and one or two more Icelandics do join the club, I would firmly expect them to be asking for a pay rise to compensate for embarrassment that could occur come Saturday 3pm…or Thursday 8pm in some cases.

On a much more sombre note, Toby Mullarkey has left Grimsby for an undisclosed fee, joining Crawley Town where he will find a familiar face in Gavin Holohan who has also just joined Crawley after his contract expired here at Town. The positive is that Mullarkey left for a fee. I wouldn't have let him go for any less than £200,000 so I hope it was at least around this figure as I believed he could have been a regular starter for us this season. For the members of Cod Almighty this one does sting a little more as Cod Almighty were Mullarkey's sponsor last year, something we felt only fitting due to his last name reflecting much of what is written upon the site, a whole load of malarkey!!

With every cloud there is a silver lining, the silver lining here being that Cod Almighty have been able to sponsor new keeper Jordan Wright for the upcoming season, so come on Jordan do it for the Almighty!!